Friday, June 17, 2011

Bruno Torfs Carving Timeless Art

Bruno Torfs traces his humble beginning in South America. The young Bruno stayed with his family until they opted to go to Europe for better opportunities when he was fifteen.

He was a skilled sign writer until Bruno shifted from being a skill’s man to an artisan. Bruno developed his craft and created his own identity as an artist. His works were full of character and culture. Bruno evolved as an artist when he had an opportunity to travel in the four corners of the globe. He often traveled alone or enjoyed the company of Marleen, his better half.

Bruno Torfs immortalized his travels through his art. He often will have a number of sketches of people, sceneries, and things from the places that he visited. These simple sketches were transformed into wonderful works of art using oil on canvas.

He sold his paintings through exhibitions that he and his family organized in the lower levels of their home.
This was Bruno’s lifestyle until he decided to move to Australia and realize his dream of creating a sculpture garden that will attract people from all over the globe.

Their family found their sweet home in Melbourne. He was able to purchase a property in a Victorian Village of Marysville. The place was his ideal home since next to it was a lush green which is perfect for his garden.

Bruno Torfs spent hours, days, and months of hard work to create the sculpture garden that he wants to showcase to the world. Five months of sweat and the sub-Alpine forest was transformed into a magical garden full of masterfully crafted statues.

The park also became home to his collection of artworks. The family also displayed paintings, smaller sculptures, and sketches which had to be brought to Australia from Europe.
The sculpture garden started with just fifteen terracotta pieces. Today, there are about a hundred more works of art and Bruno Torfs is never tired of sculpting more timeless art that appeals to all ages.

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