Monday, January 27, 2014

Alive in Russia

Alive in Russia

These photos may look like they taken from an apocalyptic horror film or some strange Photoshop work, but these are as true as ever, and they become a daily reality for residents in a Russian city named Samara.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

nomadic art tent is an immersive fleshy womb

brazilian artist ernesto neto's traveling tented sculpture is an immersive space, which surrounds the viewer in a fleshy, dense orange interior. occupying the tactile, walk-in structure are floor-to-ceiling, stretchy fabric tubes, likening themselves to bodily membranes and evoking the sense of being inside a womb, or even a digestive system. the experience completely encloses participants in vibrant shades of orange and yellow chroma, beckoning them to touch and manipulate the walls and malleable hanging tunnels. changing sunlight coming from the exterior of the temporary pavilion causes the internal space to become a constantly evolving atmosphere. the nomadic sculpture is part of doug aitken's 'station to station'-- a collaborative cultural project currently journeying the united states by train, making creative ‘pit-stops’ in various cities along the way.

sts - pittsburgh - ernesto neto
video courtesy of station to station


when walking inside swiss artistist urs fischer's nomadic art tent, viewers are immediately immersed in a glittering dreamscape. a vaporous, cloud-like smoke hazily hangs in the air, saturating the intimate space in a celestial aura. a large, plush white bed set in the middle of the structure beckons participants to lie, nap, and daydream in the misty ambiance. ceiling-high mirrors canvas the walls, reflecting glistening fragments from a rotating disco ball above. the hypnotizing, mystical atmosphere feels like a frosted kaleidoscope, with shadows and luminous refractions from both people moving inside, as well as interior details, creating mesmerizing visuals. fischer's traveling art sculpture is part ofdoug aitken's 'station to station'-- a collaborative cultural project currently journeying the united states by train, making creative ‘pit-stops’ in various cities along the way. the structure plays host to musical performances, events, and acted as a serene hideaway for idle visitors of the creative happening.
the bed and disco ball inside the misty space
image courtesy of station to station / ye rin mok

hotel in chinese desert

situated in the chinese xiangshawan desert, 'lotus hotel' uses pioneering and innovative construction techniques, enabling the structure to seemingly float above the landscape. located between the major urban centers of baotou, hohhot and ordos, the hotel, designed by PLaT architects forms a resort which seeks to establish the area as a tourist destination.
the resort in its desert environment

the hotel blends into its environment, forming another dune in the vast expanse of desert. the design uses prefabricated load-bearing panels, reducing the amount of pressure applied to its foundations: a lightweight solution without the need for concrete or water. the replicated triangular framework further strengthens the hotel's form and is repeated throughout the scheme.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Roundup of Free Vintage Ornament & Floral Vectors

Ornament and floral vectors are among the most sought after design resources. Not only are they great for creating elegant vintage style artwork, they also require considerable time and skill to product. This post rounds up a handy collection of some of the best free ornamental and floral vector packs from across the web, with screenshots of the actual design file so you can see exactly what you get!

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