Thursday, January 16, 2014

hotel in chinese desert

situated in the chinese xiangshawan desert, 'lotus hotel' uses pioneering and innovative construction techniques, enabling the structure to seemingly float above the landscape. located between the major urban centers of baotou, hohhot and ordos, the hotel, designed by PLaT architects forms a resort which seeks to establish the area as a tourist destination.
the resort in its desert environment

the hotel blends into its environment, forming another dune in the vast expanse of desert. the design uses prefabricated load-bearing panels, reducing the amount of pressure applied to its foundations: a lightweight solution without the need for concrete or water. the replicated triangular framework further strengthens the hotel's form and is repeated throughout the scheme.

aerial view of the site

the hotel becomes another dune in the vast landscape

the structure uses prefabricated panels to reduce the pressure applied to the foundations

the pioneering structure is incredibly lightweight

the hotel is intended to establish the area as a tourist desination

the hotel set against a wintery backdrop

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