Friday, June 17, 2011

An Amazing Temple Where Rats Are Worshipped AS God: Karni Mata Hindu Temple

An Amazing Temple Where Rats Are Worshipped AS God: Karni Mata Hindu Temple

Have you ever heard of Rats Temple anywhere in the world till now? Well today we bring out one such place for you all. There is a temple called Karni Mata Hindu Temple which was built way back in early 1900 by the then Maharajah Ganga Singh.  He built this as a tribute to Karni Mata or the Rat Goddess. The most surprising part of the story is that it still houses about 20,000 rats. This place is located somewhere in India’s state called Rajasthan. To some it might sound like a nightmare to imagine so many rats at a place and making the place stink like anything, but it’s a fact.

For these 20,000 rats this Karni Mata Hindu Temple is like a home. The rats are called Kabbas locally. As per the legend, an incarnation of Goddess Durga, one of the child of her clansmen died.

After a lot of futile tries, god of death told her that the child has already taken birth in a new incarnation. Then Goddess Durga made a deal that all the clans men will take birth as rats. And from then so many rats took birth and throng the place even today.

People from all over the country come here to take the blessing of the Goddess. And they feel sighting a white rat is a supreme blessing because there are hardly 4-5 white rats in the whole community of rats. In India they worship many animals but this one is really peculiar because it is not found anywhere else in the world. People from across the globe come here for doing research on this rats and the specialty of the temple. If you happen to visit India anytime do visit the Karni Mata Hindu Temple atleast once. You will really be amazed to see them.

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