Thursday, January 16, 2014

nomadic art tent is an immersive fleshy womb

brazilian artist ernesto neto's traveling tented sculpture is an immersive space, which surrounds the viewer in a fleshy, dense orange interior. occupying the tactile, walk-in structure are floor-to-ceiling, stretchy fabric tubes, likening themselves to bodily membranes and evoking the sense of being inside a womb, or even a digestive system. the experience completely encloses participants in vibrant shades of orange and yellow chroma, beckoning them to touch and manipulate the walls and malleable hanging tunnels. changing sunlight coming from the exterior of the temporary pavilion causes the internal space to become a constantly evolving atmosphere. the nomadic sculpture is part of doug aitken's 'station to station'-- a collaborative cultural project currently journeying the united states by train, making creative ‘pit-stops’ in various cities along the way.

sts - pittsburgh - ernesto neto
video courtesy of station to station

interacting with the art tent
image courtesy of station to station / ye rin mok

inside the fleshy interior
image courtesy of station to station / ye rin mok

semi-transparent orange tubes stretch from floor to ceiling
image courtesy of station to station

the exterior of the traveling sculpture
image courtesy of station to station / ye rin mok

constructing the tented nomadic sculpture
image courtesy of station to station / mara mckevitt

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