Monday, June 13, 2011

Attractions that capture the imagination

 In 1583 in Denmark was built park “Bakken”. This event is considered the beginning of the history of stationary amusement parks and they were quite simple. There was widespread amusement park with water games. An ingenious solution of engineering was a sudden jet of water jetting. Just acquired a great popularity with the carousel horses. Real breakthrough is the construction of the park for a family holiday that was created on the initiative and the money of Walt Disney.
The popularity of the first Disney park was inspired to build similar parks across America. The rest of the civilized world is far behind the number of constructed amusement parks. In Europe and Asia, major entertainment venues have appeared only in the next few decades. According to “Business Magazine”, in the U.S. only to visit them during the year 170 million people.

Roller coaster “Mumbo Jumbo” in England.
Angle of 112 degrees.
T Express, Seoul, South Korea.
This wooden roller coaster T Express
Speed ​​of 100 km / h time of 3 minutes, 12 times you can experience the feeling of weightlessness.
The angle of slides – 75 degrees.
Tower of Terror, Australia. Located in an amusement park Dreamworld.
Here, the world’s highest in the world Steel roller coaster.
The height of the slides – 115 meters, and the descent speed around 160 km / h.
Colossus, England. Park, which contains the slides, is located in Chertsey and Thorpe said.
If you want to ride on the most twisted roller coaster, you will here.
Length of the track – 850 meters, height – 30 meters, max speed – 65 mph.
On the trail you will be able to roll over 10 times upside down.
Rollercoaster Formula Rossa is located in the theme park Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Speed ​​- 240 km / h.
The length of the attraction – 2.2 km. This slide is engaged in fourth place in the world along. Form of attraction in the form of the legendary Italian race track in Monza.
All passengers must be on the road in safety glasses because of high speeds.
Duration – 1:33. Maximum Overload – 4.8. Limitation on height – 130 cm
Kilimanjaro, Brazil. The world’s tallest water slide 50 meters in height, angle of 60 degrees and the maximum descent speed around 100 mph.
Magic Eye, Germany. This is a closed water slide, it is an amusement park in the town of Erding Galaxy.
Prater Turm, Austria. In Vienna, is the highest in the world of chain carousel height 117 meters.
The world’s largest Ferris wheel in Singapore. Its height is 165 meters. Has the name of Singapore Flyer.
The World Distey World Resort, USA.
“World Leisure Centre Walt Disney World in Orlando, USA – ssamy large area and the most visited amusement center in the world, covering an area of ​​100 km ². It includes: the four theme parks, two water parks, 24 themed hotel, numerous shops, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Magician hat – a symbol of the Disney Hollywood Studios.
Spaceship “Earth.”
Tree of Life, a symbol of the Disney Animal Kingdom.

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