Sunday, June 5, 2011

Advanced Degree Program for Senior Rank Officers in Russia Army Tranning

Training meetings are considered to be a very important part of military training. They help soldiers and officers to demonstrate and improve their skills.

The training meeting discussed in the post was held in the Leningrad region.

Officers arrived from the Subarctic regions, Transdniestria, Kaliningrad region, Northwestern, Central and Volga Federal District to participate in the training meeting.

Within a week about 300 senior rank officers will demonstrate their practical abilities to control subordinate troops. For this they will have to pass through all the stages of their commander carrier once again starting from the section commander.

At the time of the training the senior officers will be dislocated in soldier’s barracks. They will live according to a strict schedule getting up at 6 a.m. and practicing daily morning exercises.

Every day they are going to reach a qualifying standard in different types of commander training and improve their knowledge of how to organize training activity of military personnel. It is also planned to conduct special courses dealing with organization of administrative and technical support on the basis of autosorcing as nowadays the service-utility functions are transmitted to commercial organizations.

The commanders will be explained how to conclude contracts and control activity of service specialists.
War council meeting of the Western command will be held at the final stage of the military training.

“Stop! The territory is under fire!”

“Military training commander”

Military training is one of the key activities that ensures preparation of military commanders held in advance of a new period of education which starts on the 1st of June and concerns every military unit.
The training is aimed at evaluation of professional qualification of officers and elaborating a single policy of how to prepare and conduct lessons on military skill improvement.

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