Wednesday, February 15, 2012

15 Impressive QR Code Business Cards

Business Card Comps is a colorful Card Design
QR Business Cards always stand out from the simple business cards. QR stands for immediate response and it’s a really easy way to get information using your mobile phone. You simply scan the QR code cards like you would a bar code and it conveys the information.
Hopefully the examples below will help to inspire you on how QR codes can be incorporated creatively in your designs. Or at least, provided a few comfortable ways that they can be used to connect offline and online media.

QR codes and some design ideas
QR codes and some design ideas
QR Business Cards
QR Business Cards are colorful inspiration for buisnessmen
Qr code business card
QR-Code-Business-Cards beautiful designs
QR Code Business Cards
QR Code Business Cards redcolor cards
Yup is a simple code card for inspiration
QR code business cards
QR code business cards green colored interesting cards
QR Code Letterpress
QR Code Letterpress is a white color inspiratational cars
Business/Personal Card Design
Business Personal Card Design
Wine bottle label business card
Wine bottle label business card
Ben Business Cards
Ben Business Cards is a cool and funny card
Letterpress Business Cards with QR Code
Letterpress Business Cards with QR Code
business cards
business cards attractive desings
Bogdan cards
Black color nice Bogdan cards Business Card Business Card

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