Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wonders of The Industrial Design

The unusual design of the usual furniture: a drunken desk, chair, octopus hanging couch, bed, rocking chair and much more.
Bed, “a cozy nest.” The man did not pass by creative creativity in any form, drawing inspiration from the surrounding objects.

Project unusual double bed trap was shown at the exhibition dedicated to the art of arrangement of hotel

Bed in the garden
The rocking bed designed by Manuel Kloker
The original version of the sofa bed.

Moved Lago
Moved Lago
Creativity of Andreas Hegert
Designer Timothy Ben
This unusual cupboard, bristling like a hedgehog, Sebastian Errazuriz Created designer (Sebastian Errazuriz). The facade of the closet bristling 80 000 bamboo sticks.
Armchair-Flower from designer Kenneth Cobonpue: feel like Thumbelina.
Chairs for the cafe with a convenient handle for handbags.
The rocking chair made of aluminum fish. Designer Tristan Cochrane.
Chair-octopus designer Maximo Riera.
The famous chair Panton, Panton designed Vernet in 1959.
Chair of pencils made designer Anon Pairot.
Chair for the hypocrites.
Chair by designer-skull Pool.
Each leg of the plastic chairs willow-tree grows. Vine wound around the trunks of trees for a more “green” effect.
Wake-bath for those who like to sit with a book in the bath. Designer Ki Kim.
Dial-up transformer can be mounted in two positions – reclined and for the table.
The concept of a chair for men who prefer to walk and sit at home naked.
Illuminated furniture from British designer Lee Broom
Illuminated furniture from British designer Lee Broom
The little black dress from the closet Straight Line Design.

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