Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brick Concept Transparent PC by Shaocheng Huang and Yuyin Huang

Brick Concept Smartphone By Fujitsu
Brick is a shiny personal PC with a transparent display that kinda reminds you of concepts that Mac likes to work on. Fujitsu Brick, a latest concept cell phone design by designers Shaocheng Huang and Yuyin Huang. Well for starters, it looks astonishing. It has a big transparent monitor which is extremely useful. It can be used to recognize, translate and enlarge text from the real world environs. It can be also used for shooting and video and also incorporates throw action data sharing from one Brick to another. Working on the maxim that “a PC is no longer a PC anymore,” the designer duo wants to convey that easy to get to networks and true mobility are the key ingredients of futurist products…even if it’s a computer!

Fujitsu Brick Concept Photos
Brick Concept Transparent Pictures
Concept of Brick Smartphone Pics
Amazing Brick Concept Smartphone
Stunning Concept of Brick Smartphone By Fujitsu
Fujitsu Brick Concept Smartphone

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