Friday, October 14, 2011

In Norway, caught the largest halibut in the world

The island of Senja in northern Norway, a former police officer Reinhard Uhrmann caught Atlantic halibut the biggest in the world, weighing 241 pounds. In order to catch a huge fish, which bypassed the previous record by 26 kilograms, the Norwegians took three hours and still get to a giant halibut in the boat, he needed help two more experienced fishermen. The approximate cost of such a valuable record and halibut, a length of 2.5 meters, if it is to sell the restaurant – at least 40 thousand dollars, where it will split into a thousand servings of high-quality fillets.
After such a pleasant, but very difficult fishing a 62-year-old Norwegian was resting a few days, but the whole team of fishermen with their friends happily took home the 11 kilograms of colossal Atlantic halibut.

largest halibut

largest halibut
largest halibut

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