Saturday, October 15, 2011

enjoy commercial fishing

Even today access to some spots is available only to those who have special licenses. Pictures of fishing as paid service are presented below.

A chain of such footmarks is left on the snow.
The first fishing crop is far from being rich.
Pikes and breams are mainly found.
This fish weighs around 10 kg.
Caught fish is put in bags and is either sold at the market at once or is left in the water for some time.
Availability of craw-fish shows that water in the river is clean. They live right behind the ice, on the bottom.
Fishing is not that easy. That’s why fishermen drink hot tea and make themselves warm before it.
This fish was too big and had to be removed with hands.
How do you like the Russian ‘shark’?
This fishing is purely commercial as these fishermen have licenses.
They rent a large spot and fishing takes much time.
Pikes are strong, they live and struggle after they are caught.
Filling 20 bags with fish made the people cheerful and optimistic.
The place is also inhabited by herons. Do you see the hundreds of nests in the trees?
Every fishing must end with eating a fish soup. However, it can contain more fish than broth and can hardly be called a soup.

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