Friday, July 8, 2011

Traditional Indian dance festival

In the first week of November under Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park Indian Festival is traditionally held, and pow wow – traditional dance competition Indians. Pow-wow is a day for four days of the festival from noon to evening.

At the Pow-wow at Atlanta attracts Indians from all over Georgia, nearby states. On photo – participant of the festival prepares to pow wow. Next to the machine on a special support – costume dancer

Pow-wow organized into several circles. The central circle – a dance floor with a diameter of 30 meters, next to which places are for drummers as well as seats for the dancers and their families. Next – circles formed benches for spectators.
Participants Pow-wow in anticipation of a central circle.

Opening Pow-wow starts the beat of drums in high yield, which leads Eagle Staff (in the photo – in a red beret and uniform). Followed by standard-bearers with an American flag and the banner of POW / MIA.
Followed in order of seniority moving dancers.
When the men in the dance is in full circle, to join the dance women. Their more modest attire, and dancing – more restrained.
Leading Pow-wow announces outputs participants commented on the situation.
In the central circle of veterans are invited and involved in the fighting. Leading Pow-Wow recalled that the Indians in American history were carrying military service, the war between England and France since the colonization of America and to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, so veterans are revered by Indians as such.
The Indians, along with veterans held a dance another round.
Young pow wow welcome veterans.
At this introductory part of the Pow-wow (output) ends, and the circle of participants leave the dance competition. Each participant – a personal number.
Next – portraits of contemporary American Indian pow wow participants in the Stone Mountain Park.

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