Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reaching The Stars In A Minute.

Some pictures of a military launch area located in Plesetsk were shown in a previous post. Today we’ll continue our journey along the place and see more of Soyuz-U rocket firing.

The missile is 1,5 km from this place. It is in suspension on a start field. A fuel train is leaving on the right.

The train with oxygen and fuel has to be at a safe distance.

Mainframes are the first to be lowered down. The missile is kept in place with a tiny support fixed to the nose part.

Start. The last support is rejected. The missile is stable for some minutes due to the engine working.

In 8 minutes the carrier-rocket will reach the orbit.

The missile went through the clouds and made a hole in them.

What you see is separation of the first step that will reach the land in several minutes.

The start ground is in a good condition and is ready for another launch. Nothing here is destructed or burnt.

The ceremony of awarding of those army men responsible for successful launch.

In Russia carrier-rocket is suspended before the launch unlike in the west where it is standing.

It allows us to reduce expenses as this type of launch is characterized by less damage.

Carrier rocket Soyuz-U is a modified model of Soyuz rocket developed in 1973.

In total, 750 launches of the rocket were made.

This very launch was made from a launch area in Plesetsk.

As the launch area is located far in the north it is not used for carrying people to the orbit.

Elevating main supports.

Everybody is participating in the work including military men and engineers.

Location: Plesets

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