Friday, July 8, 2011

The museum of animal history in Germany

Where is the biggest dinosaur skeleton? Reply to this question is very simple. The highest original dinosaur skeleton is located in the Berlin Museum of Natural History (German Museum für Naturkunde). There is also one of the oldest and richest natural science collections in the world, collected about thirty (!) Million objects. Want to look inside and see everything with my own eyes? ” (Warning: some images may shock)

Protect the natural science collection, belonging to the Berlin University. Humboldt, a few dinosaurs.

And here he is – the world’s largest mounted skeleton, found in the early twentieth century in Africa. Zhiraffatitan family of Brachiosaurus (about 150 million years).
Glancing through a special “glasses” (as in the previous picture) you will see animated animals that dominated the planet in the Mesozoic Era.
Allosaurus – Saurischia predatory dinosaur from the Jurassic period.
In September, the museum celebrated its bicentennial.

The collection is really rich. Just Mecca for naturalists. No wonder the museum is the fifth largest in the world.
Guess the animal?
Here you can also look at how to create stuffed animals and birds.
In the department of various minerals.
It is pleasant to find among the hundreds of exhibits, fossils from Russia. For example, Malachite from the Urals:
Do you like the department devoted to the genus of primates of the family of hominids (also known as “men”, lat. Homo).
Ancestors of the people considered the australopithecines. They looked like this:
This “handy man” (Latin Homo habilis):
Or, for example, “Homo erectus (Latin: Homo erectus):

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