Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top 10 honeymoon spots

Your “Golden Period” needs to be planned leaving all other tensions and works behind. No need to worry if you are pondering to select a honeymoon spot because here we are suggesting you the list of most romantic gateways worldwide.10. Greece:
One of the most romantic place in the world, ranging from nightclubs to the magnificent Delphi, Greece is sure to captivate and hypnotize you with its many aspects. With seclusion and romantic environment, little bit of partying and little bit of seclusion, this honeymoon spot is awesome to explore your love.

9. Kashmir:

A heaven on earth, this honeymoon spot is a multi-faceted diamond, changing its hues with the seasons – always extravagantly beautiful. Go ahead and start your new life with snow-capped mountains, cool breeze, romantic lakes, blissful ambiance, colorful and vibrant gardens.
8. Italy:
A place with a WOW factor, this honeymoon spot with draped in immense natural beauty and peace is incredible for your honeymoon celebration. If you want to make it unforgettable and the trip of a lifetime, then you must visit this supremely romantic and luxurious place.
7. Bora Bora:
Claimed for exotic and sensuous beauty, this place is is so lovely and so unspoiled that it has been served as a dramatic backdrop in many feature films. This honeymoon spot is enough to make your trip historical and set a new benchmark if you are addicted to visit beautiful places.
6. Mauritius:
Honeymoon in Mauritius is what honeymooners seek. This honeymoon destination is a dream place for newly wed couple. With sun kissed white sand beaches and sensual water of the Indian ocean Mauritius is a land with spectacular scenery.

5. Aruba:
A combination of tradition, hospitality, nature, adventure and culture, this honeymoon spot is a paradise of pleasure for honeymooning couples because of the sheer beauty and the parties.
4. Switzerland:
Indeed, this honeymoon spot is a journey that you all look forward to store in your memory albums for the rest of your life. The greatest thing about a honeymoon in Switzerland is that there’s so much to see and do that it’s difficult to find enough time to sleep. :-P
3. Hawaii:
This honeymoon spot is known for extremely exotic and sensuous beauty. Also known as lover’s paradise, Hawaii is one of the most stunning and secluded area offering the best of personalized service, romantic guest suites and luxurious amenities.
2. Seychelles:
You can evaluate this honeymoon spot a 10 out of 10 aim. Most of the couples love to go to places which are full of beauty, charm, attractiveness and splendor….Definitely, a great destination for honeymoon couples.
1. Jamaica:
Spectacular beauty of nature, this honeymoon spot is rich in color, culture, food, folklore and thrilling places to make wild love ;-) . Honeymooners would have a great memorable time passing their initial married days at this seductive paradise on earth.

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