Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo was founded in the 1931st godu.Ploschad whole area is 58 hectares, part of the exhibition covers an area of ​​42 hectares.
Zoo attendance – more than half a million visitors annually.
The zoo specializes in breeding species threatened with extinction
The zoo has considerable merit in preserving the gene pool of the Przewalski horse, taking part in the repatriation program of the bearded root vole and Quaqua. Participates in 45 European breeding programs EEP. Part of the exhibition are nearly three hundred species of rare plants and trees, some of them – unique.
In the Prague Zoo has kept 1,180 th 167 species of mammals, 1366 birds of 265 species, 792 reptiles, 116 species.
The zoo has 172 species listed in the Red Book of endangered animals and 46 species of listed endangered in Czech nature.
Visiting it, do not miss the pavilion cat’s prey, a large aviary of birds of prey, large mammals hall, station breeding water birds to giraffes roam, roam for polar bears and the exposure of American small prey.
Prague Zoo is a rarity dog ​​bush – an animal that is in captivity hardly breeds. However, here lit dozens of dogs and some of them have already returned home, ie, the nature of Ecuador. Attention should also Himalayan Thar and other hoofed animals in the exhibit, placed on a rock.
Every year, Prague Zoo visited by about half a million visitors. This zoo, has repeatedly called the best in Europe, specializes in breeding animals and birds of endangered species: 58 species live here, in the Red Book and 14 species of endangered animals. In addition to the fauna in the zoo exhibition presents 300 species of rare plants, and information about all the zoo inhabitants are free to download to your mobile phone.
It is known that the management of the zoo is different cheerful disposition, and regularly amusing action: for example, the birthday of an orangutan at the zoo allowed free men who apparently were similar to the birthday child.

 Prague Zoo

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1304098202 img 7565 zoo 580x542 Prague Zoo
1304098204 img 7609 zoo 580x435 Prague Zoo
1304098206 img 7509 zoo 1 580x435 Prague Zoo
1304098207 img 7611 zoo 580x435 Prague Zoo
1304098215 img 7508 zoo 580x389 Prague Zoo
1304098215 img 7602 zoo 580x435 Prague Zoo
1304098224 img 7585 zoo 580x431 Prague Zoo
1304098231 img 7447 zoo Prague Zoo
1304098236 img 7506 zoo 580x435 Prague Zoo
1304098237 img 7469 zoo 580x397 Prague Zoo
1304098240 img 7552 zoo 580x432 Prague Zoo
1304098243 img 7545 zoo 580x402 Prague Zoo
1304098243 img 7589 zoo 580x426 Prague Zoo
1304098248 img 7501 zoo 580x453 Prague Zoo
1304098250 img 7457 zoo 1 580x435 Prague Zoo
1304098253 img 7623 zoo 580x477 Prague Zoo
1304098257 img 7591 zoo 580x435 Prague Zoo
1304098263 img 7606 zoo 580x435 Prague Zoo
1304098265 img 7489 zoo 580x435 Prague Zoo
1304098269 img 7503 zoo 1 580x435 Prague Zoo
1304098270 img 0803 580x390 Prague Zoo

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