Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nexus Images Funny Time Cute and funny animals

Pictures about animals, lovely, strange, ugly, funny… all about all interesting and diversity animals in this planet. Hope you enjoy.
A tawny frogmouth that hatched recently at the Woodland Park Zoo is shown in Seattle, Washington.

A four-day-old sea lion cub lies in its enclosure in the zoo in Vienna
William the miniature pig and his best friend Charles the giant rabbit, at Pennywell Farm in Devon.
A miniature horse looks over a stable door along with Elsa the St Bernard who lives with the little horses in Scorrier, Cornwall
Two-year-old Colt Bullen rides his miniature horse Prancer and comes face-to-face with Hercules the Clydesdale horse, in Melbourne, Australia
A newly born Madagascar lemur named Tahina is seen at Besancon Zoo, France. Tahina is one of only 17 Madagascar lemurs living in captivity worldwide

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