Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The beauty of flowers

This year the vernal equinox fell on March 20 – a day longer, we switched to daylight saving time, and the earth began to revolve around the sun in a different way. But we do not need to look at the sky, to know that spring has come. All you need to do – on the contrary, look at the ground and begin carpets of color and vitality. Flowers begin to appear everywhere, delighting the eye and heart.

Daisy in the barrel of rainwater in Kaufboyrene, Germany. (Karl Josef Hildenbrand / AFP / Getty Images)

Tourist with a wreath on Tiananmen Square in Beijing. (Jason Lee / Reuters)

A bee collecting pollen from flower lemon tree in a park in Amman, Jordan. (Ali Jarekji / Reuters)

Bird on a branch of a flowering cherry tree in Tokyo’s Ueno Park. Cherry blossom – a symbol of life and nature, but many associated with this event event canceled in mind the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami. (Yoshhikazu Tsuno / AFP / Getty Images)

Flying to the flower crocus bee in Warsaw. (Czarek Sokolowski / Associated Press)

Mike eats a flower far from the coastal road at the first attempt to define and map endangered creatures near Plymouth, England. The number of T-shirts, living on the coast, particularly in the south-west of England has halved over the past 100 years, and conducted research will help establish the whereabouts of the remaining animals and try to increase their numbers. The project started on March 24 jointly by the society study of insects and natural history museum at Oxford University. (Matt Cardy / Getty Images)

Couple among the daffodils in the park of St. James in London. (Oli Scarff / Getty Images)

She can not hold back the tears, looking at the flowers in memory of victims of terrorist attacks in a subway station Lubyanka in Moscow. In March this year in Russia commemorated the victims of last year’s terrorist attacks in the subway, which killed 40 people and dozens more were injured. (Natalia Kolesnikova / AFP / Getty Images)

Flowers on the scene of a fire at the plant «Triangle Shirtwaist Factory» in New York on March 25, where a ceremony in memory of the fire at the plant, which occurred 100 years ago. Then killed 146 migrant workers, mainly girls. The workers were locked at the factory and could not get out. The affected New Yorkers watched as workers jumped from windows. Public reaction to this tragedy has led to national debates on the Rights of All Migrant Workers and safety rules, giving way to a major trade unions. (Eric Thayer / Getty Images)

Cherry blossoms in front of the Japanese Cultural Institute in Cologne. (Rolf Vennenbernd / AFP / Getty Images)

Tied to a stone monument flowers on the bridge, destroyed by an earthquake mi tsunami Natori, Miyagi Prefecture. Two weeks after the terrible disaster death toll has reached 10,000, and hopes to find 17,500 missing virtually none. Only in the district Natori killed 600 people. (Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images)

Bouquets and wreaths on the steps of the Cathedral of Monaco, before the funeral of Princess Antoinette, the sister of the late Prince Rainier. The Princess died on March 18 in Monaco. (Lionel Cironneau / Pool photo / Associated Press)

A bouquet of flowers at the place of temporary burial of victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Higashi-Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture. (Yuriko Nakao / Reuters)

Yemeni soldiers with flowers from demonstrators at a rally for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sana’a. Yemeni opposition cried the demonstrators to go to the palace of the President and force him to withdraw in the hope that it will put an end to the crisis. (Ammar Awad / Reuters)

Year-old son of President of El Salvador Mauricio Funes Gabrielle with her mother Wanda Pingato waiting with flowers arriving Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama at the National Palace of El Salvador. (Jason Reed, Reuters)

Indians buy flowers during Holi celebrations at a temple in Vrindavan Bihari Banks. Spring festival of colors Holi celebrated by Indians worldwide. It marks the end of winter.

A woman on a park bench in front of a carpet of hundreds of blooming crocuses in the German city of Duesseldorf. (Patrik Stollarz / AFP / Getty Images)

Cherry trees at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington. (Jonathan Ernst / Reuters)

Visitors to the Stone Park calligraphy before the Day of cleaning the graves in Beijing. (Ng Han Guan / Associated Press)

Photographed the cherry blossom girl in Washington. Million people arrived and came to the National Mall on Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, which runs until April 10. (Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images)

Libyan with a flower during a funeral procession killed in an air attack in Tripoli on 20 March. (Ahmed Jadallah / Reuters)

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