Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Amazing Desert Black Stone

Desert Black Stone – it’s arid region in northern Nevada, where lies the great swimming pool with the remaining foundation pit dry lake Lahontan. In the desert there are numerous volcanic and geothermal education, particularly in the north-eastern part of the volcanic region of Nevada, including two peaks of the Black Stone, where the Permian volcanic rocks form a natural dam in Lake Nevada.

Hamboldt County, Pershing and Vashoe that relate to the Nevada border to the desert of the Black Stone.

This place is famous for its paleologicheskimi features, as well as the fact that in the XIX century there were ways of migration to California, and the fact that at this point is often measured by the rate of ground and missile technology.

Also here is annually held event called “Burning Man”.

There are several opinions as to what, in fact, take the Black Desert Stone.

Some are here only a very pit, while others called the desert and that territory, which can be seen from the dry pit.

Most large-scale concept of the Desert Black Stone includes the watershed basin, which drains into the pit.

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