Friday, July 15, 2011

Assorted Russia

Inhabitants of Rostov-on-Don spend hot summer days in one old abandoned storehouse, among its ruins on the bank of the river Don. Once a spring spouted here and transformed the building into an unusual pool.

This building is one of Paramonovskiye warehouses that are a complex of storage facilities of the XIX century in Rostov-on-Don. They are monuments of the federal importance.

Warehouses remained by a miracle after bombings of the port during the Great Patriotic War. Though one bomb did get here and damaged a water-cooling system. The most significant destructions of warehouses fell on the era of their abandoned existence. Storehouses suffered from at least five fires.

During the last years of the USSR warehouses were used according to their intended purpose, they stored cement, building materials, etc. In 1985 Paramonovskiye warehouses received the status of historical and cultural monuments of the local importance. A little later the buildings received the status of monuments of the federal significance.

All buildings of storehouses are currently only ruins, adorned with lakes and waterfalls of spring water.

Due to the constant temperature of springs on ruins of storehouses, a unique microclimate has developed here. Practically all year round green grass grows in this place.

In June 2011 a group of local enthusiasts initiated an action to clean all garbage in storehouses. But this noble initiative was not support by local authorities.

Paramonovskiye stores or so called “Paramons” became a cult place for natives of Rostov-on-Don.  Adults and children like to swim in the pool of the ruined building. Tourists come here to see storehouses like a historical monument.

An unknown very strange creature was discovered at one Russian dacha. Seems the poor snail was invaded by parasites.

Russian girls are strong and this one proves it in the video. This beautiful and athletic girl blows up a hot-watter bottle.

A monument to a computer keyboard was erected in Kostanay, Kazakhstan. The concrete keyboard with the size of 5/10 meters was put up in the territory of the engineering and pedagogical university by the help of its students and pedagogues. The size of one button is 65/70 cm.

The main purpose of it is to show that the university goes with the times and uses modern technologies. Besides the keyboard protects this place from illegal parking.

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