Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Honor Guard remembers fallen warrior

Sergeant Joshua Holloway rolls lint from his uniform in preparation for the funeral of PFC Samuel Kelly Watkins in Hendersonville N.C. Watkins was killed during the Korean conflict; his remains were finally recovered and identified and he was given a proper military funeral.
The ARNG honor guard uniforms hang crisply pressed.
The flag at Forest Lawn in Hendersonville flies at half staff for the funeral of PFC. Watkins.
Honor guard member PFC Chris Love uses his knife to remove fuzz from the piping on his uniform in preparation for the funeral
Spec. Marcus Clark practices with the rifle team before the service.

Rifle team commander Sgt. 1st Class Bert Hannel (left) watches as the team practices for the gun salute. The team is (front to back) PFC Chris Love, Spec. Carnell Mickens, Sgt. Brett Miller, Spec. Marcus Clark, and Cpl. Sean Long.
Staff Sgt. Steve Tapia evens Spc. Hannah Eckard's cover while waiting to serve as pallbearers.
Spc. Hannah Eckard checks buttons and details on Staff Sgt. Steve Tapia's uniform.
Honor guard pallbearers constantly adjust their uniforms while they wait to carry the coffin from the service to graveside.

Spc. Hannah Eckard waits silently at attention as the coffin approaches.
The ARNG Honor Guard coffin detail takes possession of the coffin for the march to burial.
Sergeant Major Lonnie Webster (left) follows as the ARNG Honor Guard coffin detail carries PFC. Watkins to burial.
The Honor Guard prepares to leave the graveside.
Sergeant Major Lonnie Webster (back right) and Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Harrison (back left) follow as the ARNG Honor Guard caries the coffin to the burial site.
Spc. David Greene (center) reflects on the somber moment.
The Honor Guard removes the flag from the coffin bearing PFC Watkins. In the foreground saluting are Lt. Col. Timothy Harrison (left) and Sgt. Major Lonnie Webster (right).
The flag is folded for presentation to Watkins' family.
Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Harrison presents the flag to Grace Pittman, PFC. Watkins' sister.
Harrison salutes to the family.
The gun salute detail stands at parade rest for most of the service.

Grace Pittman, PFC. Watkins' sister, is greeted by friends after the service.
The rifle team stands by even after the service is over.

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