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14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas

As time goes by there seems to be a growing trend amongst those people lucky enough to afford it / mental enough to spend all available cash on it: home cinemas. huge screens, incredible sound systems and luxurious seats are popping up in seemingly spare rooms and basements larger than my entire flat. However this is also giving a few movie geeks a real chance to shine and it seems they’re not content with a simple in-home movie theatre decent enough to hold a premiere in – they clearly want to be fully immersed in the worlds created by their favourite films.

1. Indiana jones cinema

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas1 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas

This amazing indy-themed room was designed by home theatre expert doug charrois for larry and colleen halliday in canada. the room even features ‘replicas of the holy grail, a jacket, hat, whips, torches and more—including the idol from the opening of the original movie’.

2. The batcave

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas5 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
stunning ultra geeky home cinemas12 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
Above is possibly the sleekest home theatre i’ve ever seen. it was created by canadian-based experts ‘elite home theater seating’, who, as the name suggests, specialize in hand-made, custom home theater furniture for ‘high-end’ clientele. and bruce wayne.

3. The Enterprise ncc-1701d cinema

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas2 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
Based on starship enterprise ncc-1701d, this stunner consists of a cinema, bar area and apparently ‘one of the largest kaleidoscope hard-drive based storage systems (..) in a residential installation. at last count, there were eight servers with 3,816 dvds’. there’s even a red alert button which brings on red flashing lights and appropriately tense music.

4. The bridge

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas7 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
Trekkie gary reighn decided to cut out the middle man and design & build his home cinema himself on a relatively small budget of $15′000. his basement was cleared to make way for the creation and from start to finish took 2 years.

5. Rvergreen ultimate theater

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas8 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
Apparently ‘one of the most technically and structurally advanced private theaters in the united states’, this phenomenal star trek home cinema even contains motorised sliding doors, as requested by the unbelievably rich client who paid around $3′000′000 in total for the transformation.

6. Titanic

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas4 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
The ceiling dome in this titanic themed set-up contains 1′230 fiber optic light strands in order to provide the artificial night sky and entry to the luxurious bar next door can be found behind a motorised bookcase. the whole project was designed by donny hackett of ‘casa cinema design’.

7. The death star

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas9 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
It doesn’t get much cooler than this. the 10-seat death star home cinema was designed for vic wertz and lisa stevens and includes, amongst other things: automatic doors, a twinkling fiber optic star field and a thx sound system. the best fact? the room was designed by doug chiang, lead designer on episodes I & II.

8. The nautilus

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas3 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
This beauty was built as a result of film geek randy moran’s love of the nautilus submarine from the film 20′000 leagues under the sea. he hired ‘dillon works inc’ to build and fabricate all the trusses, wall panels, screen frames, and portholes and ‘acoustic innovations’ to supply the plush red seating.

9. The pirate cove

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas10 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
stunning ultra geeky home cinemas11 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
The pirate cove was created as a result of avs forum user pkonold’s love of the pirates of the carribean disney ride and movies. to make the atmosphere as authentic as possible he and his wife ensured that when seated ‘you feel like you are floating down “the bayou” at night. to accomplish this we have built a star field in the ceiling, complete with real constellations and shooting stars!’.

10. The sci-fi cinema

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas6 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
Ok,  so the screen isn’t the biggest and the seats are slightly lacking but inside dr. david winn’s home cinema can be found: a hydraulic alien bursting through the wall, a talking robbie the robot and both the predator and the creature from the black lagoon behind bars. the cinema, including all collectibles, cost approximately $100′000.

11. $6 Million Home Theater from Jeremy Kipnis

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas13 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
The music engineer, producer, classical music lover and now the creator of a gigantic home theater system, Jeremy Kipnis sure knows his entertainment. His latest home entertainment offering is not only filthy posh, it’s actually quite a bargain for $6 million. The list of key components is so long that it gets hard to describe each and every one. In short, the Jeremy Kipnis’ home theater looks to be the Big Daddy of custom home theater setups.

12. In-house Cinema

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas14 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
The gaudy setup at a house in Austin, Texas, touts 24-karat gold gilding details, hand embroidered fabric seats and genuine antique candle holders. The magnificent CAT/MBX speaker system hides behind fabric grilles chosen to pass sound well and to complement the decor. They have used the Crestron touchscreen to bring down the lights and fire up the home theater system. The theater hosts an amazing set of 24 12-inch subwoofers. The main equipment cabinet is concealed behind a set of curtains in the back right corner and stores the brains of the home theater system – the multi-room audio system, and the home automation system-five racks of gear. The cost of all this unblemished gadgetry sits at a cool $3.4 million.

13. Italian-styled Golden home theaterM

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas15 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
This Italian-styled Golden home theater was commissioned by Kim Banducci and custom installed by Future Home of Los Angeles, California. Banducci, without any prior knowledge of interior designing, planned all of her home’s interiors from top to bottom. Attention has been given to every single detail of this elegant private screening room outside of Los Angeles. She reincarnated the memories of her Italian honeymoon, grand villas and duomos while designing the ceiling of bronze, brown, taupe and gold. The looks of the custom theater are so simplistic with its monochromatic color palette and minimalist add-ons. No word on how much money was put into the whole project, but the upshot is really a classic.

14. Sealed Vault Home Theater

stunning ultra geeky home cinemas16 14 stunning ultra geeky home cinemas
The “Vault” home theater room includes a giant bank vault door, cherry wood accents, a mural, and of course comfortable seating. It also boasts a 106-inch Da-Lite screen and Sony VPL-VW100 projector. This would be a good place for Al Capone or maybe even Trump to hang out.

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