Saturday, May 28, 2011

Echo of the War

A small compilation of pictures taken by Russian professional and amateur archaeologists while searching for the items of the Second World War time.


Buttons, remnants of a belt and a mouthpiece.

German boots.

A shell.

The wheel of a “Maxim” machine gun.

A box for shells.

Remnants of a belt.

If you look more carefully, you can see that the gunpowder from the bullets that are nearly 60 years old is still good and burns perfectly.

And this thing laid right on the road.

Its tail.

And this thing was once full of phosphorus and could easily burn out everything within a radius of two hundred meters.

Now it’s unloaded.

Packaging of a German chocolate bar.

Excavations in the Novgorod region.

Medal of Honor. USSR.

The cross was found in one of the forests of the Moscow region.

A dugout with a corridor and several rooms inside.

A can of Nescafe from a German trench.

A suspender found in a German dugout.

Some explosive object.

Smoke bombs.

Near Karmanovo village in the Smolensk region.

The Novgorod region.

A machine-gun belt.

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