Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

Home Run!

“In the dugout of the local baseball field, in the ocean during the day with hundreds of people around. [When I was] dating my wife, we would do it in the den with her parents in the living room, the next room over!”
Image000108 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

What a View

“I think the one that stands out the most for me was standing on a hotel balcony that had open railings, in broad daylight. The balcony was on a sort of corner of the building and could be seen from the road, the parking lot, other hotels and balconies and from the beach. I think part of what made the experience was my age: about 45 at the time.”
Image0000116 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

Down by the River

“Hands down it would have to be on the stairwell of an old pump station by the river.”
Image0000215 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

New Heights if Ecstasy

“We did it in a forest fire watch tower way up in the air.”
Image0000314 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

In a Bridal Suite — But Not With the Bride

“At a wedding, up in the bridal suite during the reception, hands on the wall, dress up, quickie. Another was in a hotel room with a huge window as one wall, looking out onto a marina. We were a ways up, but I definitely noticed people looking. Recently, we were out on a boat off the coast of Virginia and decided to have a good time; a few guys fishing drifted by and caught us.”
Image000117 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

Next Time, Try the Shower

“The worst was in the hotel bathroom on the floor, trying to keep from waking up our kids because my head kept hitting the toilet.”
Image0000412 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

That Can’t Be Sanitary!

“I once had sex in a Port-O-Potty.”
Image0000510 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

That Calls for Rubbernecking

“My all-time favorite was on the top deck of a yacht while floating down the Potomac River near Washington, D.C. and passing under the Wilson Bridge while it was backed up during Friday rush hour. Everybody stuck in their cars on the bridge could see us.”
Image0000612 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

Back to Nature

“It was outdoors at a National park in Arkansas. Went camping in my youth and we did it on a rock overhang with our hiking boots on!”
Image0000710 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

Don’t Let Dad See That

“I was about 19 and dating a girl from college. She had me over to her parent’s house just before a date. It was the first time I had ever met her father. He shook my hand and then excused himself to go up to his office in the upstairs part of the house. She took me outside to the patio. We sat outside and talked and before I knew what was happening, she unzipped my pants and started giving me head. We had already starting having sex in our relationship so I knew she liked sex, but I was afraid her father would come outside or to the door leading to the patio and see us.”
Image0000810 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

Sex on the Beach

“While it was not during the day, I’d have to say doing it on a lounge chair on the beach was quite a thrill. I was lying down and [my wife] first stood over [me]… Oh, by the way, it was early evening so we did
Image000099 The Craziest Places We’ve Had Sex

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