Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In Europe, came to frosty and snowy winter

Europe frost-bound and covered the snow, causing traffic jams. Suffer more than others, Germany, Britain, France and the Czech Republic. Forecasters say that in the coming days is to wait for the new temperature records. Most of the images collected in this collection was made in the last day of autumn, November 30

1. Sun dog or mock sun, combined with the halo above the lake Mälaren in central Stockholm on November 30. The reason for this weather phenomenon – the presence of ice crystals in the atmosphere during cold weather. (Henrik Montgomery / EPA)

2. Walrus is selected from the icy water in the «Serpentine Lido» in London’s Hyde Park. Much of Europe was on Tuesday at the mercy of unusually cold weather and heavy snow brought here Balkan cyclone “Jenna.” (Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images)
3. Heavy snowfall in North Yorkshire, England, has led to many trees do not bear the weight of snow fell on the highway, blocking the path of transport. (Lindsey Parnaby / EPA)
4. Snow-covered landscape in Freiburg in southern Germany. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, frost in the coming days will only intensify. (Rolf Haid / AFP – Getty Images)
5. Teens sledding during a snowfall on Hampstead Heath in London. Classes at the school suspended because of cold wild. (Matt Dunham / AP)5.
6. Blanket of snow lies in the Derbyshire Dales in Buxton, United Kingdom. In Britain, where at this time is usually zero temperature, on Tuesday registered a minus 20 degrees. (Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)
7. Steam rises from the power station in central Moscow for St. Basil’s Cathedral. The picture was taken on December 1, the day when the temperature in Moscow falls below – 23 degrees. In the metropolitan area declared a storm warning. (Mikhail Metzel / AP)
8. Miksdorf, Germany – wrapped up with snow park Shlaubertal. In Germany, heavy snowfall caused the cancellation of more than 170 flights from airports in Munich and more than 400 from Frankfurt. (Patrick Pleul / AFP / Getty Images)
9. American flamingos that live in the wild in Central and South America, gathered the group in its snow-covered enclosure at the zoo of Magdeburg, Germany. (Jens Wolf / AFP / Getty Images)
10. Lift breaks the ice on the Neva River in Saint Petersburg. (Alexander Demianchuk / REUTERS)
11. A resident of the Scottish city of Denny Audrey Stevenson looks out from a snow-covered windows after a night of heavy snowfall. It is reported that in some parts of Scotland, 3,000 homes were without electricity because the energy supplier was not ready to increased demand for electricity in November. (Andrew Milligan / Associated Press)
12. Snow-covered field on a background of mountains near the village of Morne Hilltown in Ireland. (Peter Morrison / Associated Press)
13. Game in snowballs in the French city of Lyon on December 1. The country is literally covered with a white veil. Most went to the capital – more than 10 cm of snow fell for only the previous night. (Laurent Cipriani / AP)
14. Pedestrians on the bridge over the River Naviglio in the Italian town Robekko Sul Naviglio near Milan during a snowfall on Dec. 1. When the retreat of cold, meteorologists still do not know, but next week the Europeans just have to dress warmer than usual. (OLIVIER MORIN / AFP – Getty Images)
15. Brave swimmer leaves the water in Nice, southern France. In the central part of the country, thousands of homes remained without electricity because of damaged power lines – wire can not withstand the severity of wet snow. Train travel in the country, partially suspended. (Eric Gaillard / Reuters)
16. 10-year-old Sam rushes down a snow-covered hills in the Scottish town of Linlithgow. (Gordon Jack / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)
17. Ordinary people and the extras dressed as sperm are in the installation of a huge condom on a snowy Heroes’ Square in Budapest on December 1, during the World AIDS Day. (BERNADETT SZABO / Reuters)
18. Engineer clears away the snow from the nose the aircraft at the airport in Edinburgh. On Monday, were closed about a dozen airports in England and Scotland, including Edinburgh International. With a limit to work hard and railways. (DAVID MOIR / Reuters)

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