Monday, June 13, 2011

Ghost town in China

District Kangbashi, designed for more than a million inhabitants, still abandoned, even five years from the date of commencement of construction.

Property area Kangbashi started within the state of the project in Ordos – a town in the province of Inner Mongolia, the source of wealth that is coal quarter. The space was designed with office buildings, administrative areas, government agencies, museums, theaters and sports facilities, and housing. But there is one problem. In the space of more than one million inhabitants, yet almost no one lives.
Despite the fact that most of the property has been purchased and is planned by 2010, the District will be settled Kangbashi still empty.

Most of the half a million people in the Ordos Dunsheng considers his home, located an hour from empty Kangbashi.

Two workers clean the area around the library building. Per capita income in the Ordos is the second largest in the country after Shanghai.

Treasury. Workers are pieces of foam to the stairs leading to the museum Ordos, who had not yet been completed.

Monument. Pedestrian walking down the street behind a giant sculpture depicting two horses in the field Liniuinli, district Kangbashi.

A desert highway. View of the empty houses.

In the city the complete lack of business. A pedestrian walks past empty retail space. Virtually none of the companies did not want to move into a new area.

Depressing silence. The streets are deserted even in the morning, when residents have to drive to work.

New construction in Kangbashi continues despite the fact that the area is not inhabited.

An elderly man pushing a cart, going across the road that separates the finished building from still being under construction.

Construction in progress. Workers are shtroblenie walls of the future shopping center for non-existent residents of apartment complex.

Число жителей в Кангбаши в будущем может стать равным населению Сан-Диего или Калифорнии, но в настоящий момент заселение района еще только ожидается.

Photo by Michael Christopher Brown.

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