Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unusual Discoveries Unexpectedly Close!

Sometimes to see something very beautiful or interesting, you just need to leave your house and go to the forest.

In forests near Moscow even abandoned military aircrafts can be found.

Near them there are arresters.

Of course, engines are taken by curious travellers.

The undercarriage.

Remains of the hydraulic system.

The pilot’s cabin.

Summer time!

A dummy is half truck in the ground.

Another dummy and the tower with cellular retranslators near it.

A battle veneer car.

The BTR with remained wheels.

Inside of it.

Russian engineers had a big scope of thoughts.

In a cabin.

Strange forms.

Looks like a scorpion.

A military masterpiece.

According to screws and the hydraulic system this object could move on the water.

Fighters MIG-32.

Maybe it served as a bridge for cars to force a crossing over rivers and other natural barriers.

A threatening appearance.

The monument in honor of first launchings of Soviet fluidal rockets.

So sometimes in very ordinary places you can discover something very unusual!

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